Who we are

A diverse team of creatives, technologists, and strategists, united by a common purpose—to increase business awareness to use ethics as a competitive advantage.

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Zlatko Najdenovski

CEO, Design, Strategy

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Rebeka Dimitrievska


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Anna Auza

Content, Marketing

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Darko Bozhinovski

Strategy, Development

Our approach

We are at a point where technology is advancing so quickly that governing bodies cannot keep up. Any regulation we see today seems to happen after the fact when the damage has already been done.

We like to play an active role in this shift, and wish to advocate companies to speak from, “Is this legal?” to “Is this ethical?”, and with that to pave the way for a sustainable business to our clients.

But we clearly see that time has come where companies and organisations can no longer afford to ignore the ethical ramifications of their digital products. They are starting to realise that an ethical approach is not only “something that excites,” but “something that’s needed.” In fact, very much needed.

Herein lies our credo, our premise, and our promise, as we do our work.

We might be small, but our dreams are big. We have a vision to set a new default to the internet—an ethical one.

Industry overview

We might be new on this ethical journey, but we have extensive past experience operating across a vast array of industries. By working mostly for enterprise clients in the B2B field, we've seen how things are not supposed to be done: Products optimised for exponential growth over customer satisfaction; interfaces full of dark design patterns that purposefully mislead; and customers‘ data harvested in sketchy ways.

By witnessing all the tricks, we know how to spot things your business shouldn‘t do, and with that protect you from potential financial, legal, security, and media shitstorms.

External experts

Our field of expertise is further strengthened by our external experts, specialising in Technology, Legal and Strategy, residing under one executive roof.