Ensage is a design boutique offering super-simple creative chops done in a super-friendly manner.

It‘s run by me — Zlatko Najdenovski.

That’s more or less it. But if you’re still curious, keep scrolling.

I‘m old-school. A dinosaur. Sixteen years in the making.

Throughout time, I‘ve been a website designer writing code in plain text, a CSS lover fixing browser bugs with awkward hacks, a UX designer trying to convince stakeholders of the importance of customer research, a product designer changing CEOs’ minds to build outcomes instead of features, and a mission-driven startup founder trying to redefine social media by redefining its business model.

But then, one morning, I questioned my entire work foundation. Do I need to keep climbing the career ladder? How can I rearrange my work to fully align with my life aspirations? The answer to the first question was a resounding no and an immediate sense of calm. The answer to the second question is what you see on this website.

I decided to stop walking a thin line between maximum productivity and potential burnout. So instead, I took a different approach. I no longer felt compelled to pursue executive positions but embraced what I truly enjoyed doing—simplicity in creativity. Such an approach helped me narrow down my creative services while making my work more impactful to clients and more enjoyable to me.

Besides helping clients, you‘ll find me designing floor plans in Figarc, selling icons at Pixel Bazaar, writing copy for UI Copy, and inspiring people akin in spirit.

My clients tell children stories, offset carbon, help leaders connect to their hearts, or just run a creative business, like mine.

In other words, their work reflects a real-world demand, not hype. Thus, I resonate the most with mission-driven brands trying to positively impact this world, while crypto and NFT fanfares are not my cup of tea.

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The moment I discovered Ensage I knew immediately that it would be the right fit for what I’m seeking. It was like meeting a person who could express my thoughts and feelings more aptly than I ever could.
Taylor Gregoire–Wright, CEO of Ontologize

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