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A wordmark deeply digital and minimal to the core

Unable Agency requested a wordmark that should better align with their company values and approach to work. As a design and strategic agency rooted in digital experiences, it needed a simple but unique logo to convey a digital outlook while staying minimal to the core.

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Logo design
Logo guidelines
November 2022

Speaking of perfectionists…

Such a mathematical approach allowed the logo to land on an aspect ratio that, no matter how you resize it (assuming you constrain proportion), it’ll always fall precisely to the pixel, assuring maximum crispness for web use.

Time for some color bravery

And for that, me and Alex (the client) settled on an eye-blinding lime-ish brand color. Print shops are gonna groll, but hey, the intended use for the wordmark is digital.

Logo guide as a cherry on top

And inside, the usuals. You know, all the visual suggestions that are meant to be broken as the brand evolves.

He totally got what I was going for with my brand. The logo is straight-up fire and has received so many compliments already. I'm stoked to put it on all of my branding materials and show it off to the world.
Alexander Becher, CEO of Unable Agency

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