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Just the logo. No fluff. With a particular focus on elevating businesses that can‘t or don’t want to hire a full-blown agency. Let‘s keep this one simple.
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Practical and clutter-free. Focused on converting while telling a story. Suitable for brands launching a new product, service, event… or for your crazy new idea.
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Recognizable at first sight. Small or big. Quirky or universal. Expressive or utilitarian. Whatever works for your brand and increases brand delight.
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They tell it better than I ever could

The moment I discovered Ensage I knew immediately that it would be the right fit for what I’m seeking. It was like meeting a person who could express my thoughts and feelings more aptly than I ever could.
Taylor Gregoire–Wright, CEO of Ontologize
This collaboration went perfectly. Zlatko is both a strong proposer and a good listener. His professionalism is constant throughout the process, from the format of the deliverables to his responsiveness and availability.
Maxime Demoor, CEO of Stratalis
We were thrilled to have selected Zlatko to redesign the software icons for StressCheck. His professionalism, skill, and attention to detail stood out among the candidates we considered. Zlatko was extremely responsive to our requests and took the time to understand our requirements thoroughly. His great sense of design was evident in the final product, which exceeded our expectations.
Sebastian Nervi, project manager at StressCheck
This was our first project with Zlatko, and we are delighted with the results. During the design process, Zlatko shared ideas and sought feedback often, which helped ensure that the design and illustrations fully matched our intended message. He spent the time needed to ensure that every detail was just right across the website, and he made himself available when needed during the implementation phase.
Julien Demoor, CEO of Multiply
It was a rewarding experience to work with Zlatko. His 'ensage,' approach jumped out at me when I saw it. His commitment to deeply human values made him stand out and I'm thrilled with the final result. our next project together!
Scott Poynton, Founder of A Different Way
He totally got what I was going for with my brand. The logo is straight-up fire and has received so many compliments already. I'm stoked to put it on all of my branding materials and show it off to the world.
Alexander Becher, CEO of Unable Agency
His work is very creative, professional, and fast, and he spent energy transforming the business and product development plans into visuals for our web presence.
Drew Maniglia, CEO of Tozan
We received a lot of accolades from our community on how fantastic our new site looks post the revamp. We look forward to collaborating with Zlatko on other projects.
Mohanji Foundation Team
Zlatko is a great designer who pays a lot of attention to details! He's really good at visual design and building libraries of UI components. He's well-versed in Sketch and keeps everything nicely organized inside his Sketch files.
Ivan Anikov, Designer at BoundlessBits
I have used Zlatko for over 10 years to help design and—he’s one of the most talented UX/UI designers I know of.
Carl Langschmidt, CEO of Condos
The quality of Zlate’s work is unsurpassed. It elevates great ideas and projects to absolute excellence.
Jack Thorogood, CEO at Native Teams
Zlatko possesses a unique ability to breathe life into a vision. Through careful collaboration and deep insight, he has masterfully shaped our brand into a beacon of elegance.
Ivan and Naum, Founders of MVP Masters

And they tick some of these boxes

Want to start on the right foot

Because cheap could make you pay twice or thrice.

Understand the business value of design

Because countless pieces of research have shown that.

Are mission-driven

Because the world needs that, and their audience expects that.

Are down to earth

Because chasing trends and hype is not a recipe for long-term success.

Rule their niche

Because passionate customers are good customers.

Are consistent in what they do

Because consistency creates trust, and trust is the currency of a brand.

Are straightforward with their customers

Just like I am with you.

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