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Seeing your logo on cups, pencils, and whatnot makes no sense when you don‘t even have an office.

Let‘s start your brand journey on the right foot. Whether you are a fresh startup wanting to build the next big idea or a large organization launching a new product or service, at this stage, you probably need only a logo. But you need it good. Like, really good—a logo poised to scale from a startup to a million-dollar business.
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Wanna see how our conversation might go?

Rhetorical question. Read on.

Hey, Zlatko. I dig your straightforward approach to logo design. 😊
My business is growing rapidly, and I can no longer get away with using the logo that an employee from our marketing team mocked up. The time has come for a professionally done logo that reflects my brand as it scales.
Hey [fancy client], happy to hear that. I‘ve crafted this service specifically for people who are exactly at that stage of their business.
Neat. But we need the logo done at a fast turnaround.
Well, the work could effectively take me only 2–3 days. But I usually tell clients to let it sink in for a few more days to ensure it feels right to their business and works great in various digital contexts.
Got it. How much will it cost me?
My logo service comes at a fixed fee of $2,000.
I see. And what deliverables will I get for the price?
The logo in the expected vector and raster format and various colour or style variants, alongside typography recommendations.
That‘s all?
Not really. To ensure the logo looks sweet on your social media channels, I‘ll create a few extra variants for social media use. Oh, and don‘t forget the favicon.
Favicon? What‘s that?
It‘s that tiny icon on the browser tab for each website you visit. I scale down the logo and nudge some pixels to make it look super crisp.
I like that. We‘ll need it for our landing page.
Neat. Don‘t forget I also offer a landing page service.
I‘ll have that in mind.
How many logo versions are included in the price?
I don‘t limit to a certain number of promised versions. My approach is to get it right the first time. If that fails, I go for a second version and then a third if needed.
After all, it‘s about the outcome, not the deliverables.
Sounds good.
We might also need a logo guide to ensure our marketing team uses the logo properly.
How much will it cost me?
That‘ll be $500 more. The booklet will explain the proper usage of the logo, as well as the typography choice and the colour scheme, packed in an about 10-page PDF booklet.
So, $3,000 in total, correct?
Let‘s do it then.
How does the payment process go?
Simple. I ask 100% upfront.
Oh, why not 50% before and 50% after?
For quick turnaround projects like this one, when the logo can be done before the money arrives, it defeats the purpose of being paid otherwise. 😊
Fair enough.
And once you provide me with the deliverables, I‘ll have the right to use the logo in any way I want, right?
True. I address that in the agreement as a work-for-hire type of collaboration.
Before we begin, it‘d be super useful to fill in this brief logo questionnaire to help me get a clear picture of your business.
I‘ll do that once I send my daughter to school.
Excellent. Whenever you need me, I‘m an email away.
Deal. Have a great rest of the day.
You too. Cheers!
And don‘t forget to bookmark this website.
Wait, what? Oh, wow. That‘s so meta. 🤯

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