Landing page design

Landing page, landing screen, one-pager… You name it. Essentially it’s a tiny website whose purpose is so well-defined that it usually needs only one screen to achieve its goal.

And if you are just starting, that’s probably all you need instead of investing in a full-blown website. Let’s talk about your goal, and I’ll create a landing screen that tells your audience the story you want to tell in a memorable way, gently guiding them to the intended action you want them to take.
Website on a paper scroll

Wanna see how our conversation might go?

Rhetorical question. Read on.

Hey Zlatko. I had your website bookmarked to get to you when I‘m ready.
So, I‘m expanding my business into new territory, targeting a new audience. I need to describe what I sell pretty straightforwardly because the new audience is unaware of my core offering.
Do you think a landing screen will suffice?
Hi fancy client. I think it will. If you have only one goal that you need to achieve, a landing screen is just enough. I assume your goal is to convert, right?
From where will those people arrive on the landing? What marketing channels do you use to onboard them?
Mostly through social media, but some find us organically. The latter is trickier to convert because they have no prior context of our core offering.
I see. And do you have the content ready?
Yes, but it‘s basically a giant blob of long paragraphs. Not sure if that‘s engaging to be read.
Probably not. 😊 But it‘s a good starting point for me to reorganise and optimise it.
While I‘m not a copywriter, I‘ve learned a thing or two about writing, knowing how important it is for content to be optimised for the web and to sound like your brand.
That‘s neat. But will you charge me additionally for that?
No no, this is included in the price.
Just realised. This might be more than one screen because I’ll need a separate contact screen. Oh, and I want the newsletter to be on a separate screen so I can share the URL independently.
Does this still count as a landing page?
In my world, yes. And there is more. How about that cookie policy modal window? Or that 404 error screen?
I always forget about those. 🤦
But I don‘t. So, I‘ll cover those into the landing page too.
Now I‘m thinking. What if I need to include more screens like About us or Pricing?
Then we are building a website. And for websites, I have a custom price. It‘s usually $10,000 and up. 😊
Fair enough. Let‘s stick to the landing screen then, for now.
What‘s your payment preference?
I prefer 100% upfront.
Oh, I was hoping for 50%–50%.
For quick turnaround projects like this one, it’s simpler not to segregate the payment. That way, I can offer a money-back guarantee.
So, if I‘m not satisfied, you‘ll refund me?
Well, I hope it doesn't come to that, though. 😊
Thus far, it hasn‘t. 😊
How long will the project take?
Since you have the content and images ready, it usually takes about two weeks.
And this also includes development, right?
Of course! I use Webflow for that.
Keep in mind that this creates up a recurring monthly fee of $16 on your end, paid to Webflow. Is that fine?
Yeap, totally fine.
Are there any other spendings that I should be aware of?
I often use premium design assets (illustrations, fonts, patterns, etc.) for the interface design. While I usually cover the cost on my end, if you want to own the intellectual right to the resources I use, you can purchase them on your end.
But I‘ll consult with you in advance about the possible cost.
Sounds good.
Excellent. Whenever you need me, I‘m an email away.
It‘s a deal then. Have a great rest of the day.
You too. Cheers!
And don‘t forget to bookmark this website.
Wait, what? Oh, wow. That‘s so meta. 🤯

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