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Tozan is the missing ingredient of the A/B testing world. It helps organizations test and learn by using AI to optimize real-time experiments and intelligently adjust traffic allocations between versions. In addition, it offers a continuous optimization process, unlike static pre-defined A/B testing tools.

While our collaboration with Drew from Tozan began with a quick landing screen design, it grew more profound as we understood his business’s challenges while searching for a product-market fit. We talked about intangibles, such as brand positioning and brand messaging. At the same time, I worked on the tangibles, such as brand identity and a marketing website relying on illustrations to convey technical concepts better.

Brand positioning
Brand messaging
August 2020
Gintare – Illustrations

First things first—the brand identity

Like any brand out there, it should know what it does, how it does it, and to whom. So once we cleared that out with Drew, I warmed my seat and designed a logo alongside a brand identity that not only shows the dos and dont‘s of the logo usage but speaks about the brand attributes and the audiences.

Illustrations to the rescue

The language used on the website was very technical, even for tech-savvy customers. So, I called my Lithuanian collaborator, Gintare, and she helped me translate a few technical concepts into line-based illustrations.

This was crucial so that if a concept explained verbally is vague to the left hemisphere, the right hemisphere could get it from the visual metaphor depicted in each illustration.

Mobile-first approach to website design

Drew shared analytics from the previous website that quite enough visitors come from mobile devices. Therefore, it doesn’t take much to figure out that designing the mobile screens first would be a wiser choice. However, some of those illustrations were quite complex, and I needed to make sure all those thin lines were visible on a narrow viewport.

Continuous design iterations

As Drew’s business was trying to conquer a niche over the next few months, I was constantly on the call to make the necessary website adjustments so that his pitches matched the website content. Truly a pleasure to work with clients who understand that a website is never done.

His work is very creative, professional, and fast, and he spent energy transforming the business and product development plans into visuals for our web presence.
Drew Maniglia, CEO of Tozan

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