Achieving brand clarity with a logo and website refresh

Stratalis is one of those companies that smoothly rides the waves of economic uncertainty, running a flexible and sustainable business since 2010. The team of only eight web scraping experts consistently serves 200+ customers across multiple industries and has done over 1800 projects.

But the company lacked brand clarity, and it was high time for a creative refresh. So Maxime (the client) got in touch with me to help him design a new logo and website to clarify the message they communicate to their customers.

April, 2021

Strata of logo ideas

Most of the logo exploration revolved around the concept of strata, that is, layers. So, I explored simple forms arranged repetitively while making one slightly different to create a memorable shape.

Do you see the mustache?

That was the primary concern Maxime had when he saw my proposed mark. Well, now that you have seen it, you cannot unsee it. But by gently tweaking the fold on the upper layer, the ambiguousness was minimized. And thus, we settled on a mark that clearly portrays the concept of strata while adding a bit of playfulness with the curved top layer.

A healthy dose of illustrations

Stratalis speaks to a techy-savvy audience, yet having visuals to support the technical lexicon would do no harm. So, meet Gintare, the girl who used her illustrative superpowers and designed many illustrations across the website and other marketing channels.

Sprinkled with custom iconography

Illustrations were deemed too complex in some contexts, so I designed a few custom icons to match the refreshed brand identity.

Mobile-first responsive website

In this era, it‘s a good rule of thumb to begin designing from the smallest viewport and then scale up. This approach ensures having the mobile experience first while browsing the website. It doesn‘t take much to guess that I did the same for Stratalis.

This collaboration went perfectly. Zlatko is both a strong proposer and a good listener. His professionalism is constant throughout the process, from the format of the deliverables to his responsiveness and availability.
Maxime Demoor, CEO of Stratalis

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