Conquering a high-value, high-demand niche with a personal brand

Always love to work with entrepreneurs who set a strong creative foundation for their business from the get-go. Such was the case with Taylor Gregoire–Wright. We worked on building a coherent brand identity that expands way beyond logo, colors, and typography, and topped it off with a CMS-powered website, built to scale to an ever-growing repository of new courses, training, and articles.

His new brand called Ontologize is positioned as a trustworthy source of expertise, offering premium quality courses and training for Palantir‘s Foundry enterprise software ecosystem—software for large companies and governments.

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Logo design
Website design
Marketing design
July, 2023
Todor Dimov – Development

Exploring a winning logomark

The guidelines were for the brand identity to feel austere, digitally enhanced, with limited, but punchy colors. Combining those two is a bit unintuitive, and challenging, at that. But the best creativity results sprout when setting up unexpected restrictions.

A hidden keyhole to unlock knowledge

After a few iterations and fine-tuning, we choose a logomark that has just the right amount of lines so it doesn‘t turn into a blob when applied to a tiny size. But the most important part is the hidden keyhole, to allude to the metaphor of unlocking new knowledge. Can you see it?

It comes with a logo guide

Combined with slides that explain how to properly combine the logo with colors, typography, photos, and iconography.

A website that feels personal and professional

Just like the brand identity, I continued with the same playfully restrained creative approach to the website as well, allowing an expressive nature without sacrificing legibility.

An online hub for training, courses, and articles

Thanks to Todor Dimov, who pushed the limit of Webflow, we built a flexible and customizable way for reading materials to be added, managed, and discovered by customers on the website, as well as the internet overall. That meant, a heavy focus on SEO, readability, and discoverability.

A template for presentation slides and user flows

Before calling the project done, I also designed a templating system for presentation slides and user flows that Taylor—the client—could use in his video materials, ensuring that the brand expresses itself consistently across all marketing materials.

The moment I discovered Ensage I knew immediately that it would be the right fit for what I’m seeking. It was like meeting a person who can express your thoughts and feelings more aptly than you can.
Taylor Gregoire–Wright, CEO of Ontologize

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