A conversion-oriented website to multiply sales

Multiply has been successfully running its business for years. But the quality of their web presence was on par with the quality of their offerings. So Julien (the client) connected with me to help him design a website to explain better what his company can do.

Besides the website refresh, I also revived the old logo to match better the simplicity and more modern outlook of the new, responsive website layout.

March, 2021

Responsive challenges

While the general rule of thumb is to have content flow vertically on mobile and horizontally on desktop, some types of data require a different solution. In this context, the biggest challenge was the extensive pricing table.

So, for the breakdown for each pricing tier, I took a different path. While the wide (desktop) viewport asked for a tabular representation, the narrow (mobile) viewports needed a so-called definition list treatment. See the live screen.

Easy steps for an onboarding call

Three, to be more precise—designed as a stepped process inside a modal window. That way, the content can be detached from the main navigational hierarchy and be invoked from anywhere.

Visuals to explain technical concepts

Multiply is equipped with features that are not always easily understood verbally. And so, here come the technical illustrations to provide a visual hint and an “aha” moment to potential customers.

Imminent positive results

As soon as Julien (the client) and I launched the website, his customers better understood the value Multiply provides to them in a clear and straightforward way.

This was our first project with Zlatko, and we are delighted with the results. During the design process, Zlatko shared ideas and sought feedback often, which helped ensure that the design and illustrations fully matched our intended message. He spent the time needed to ensure that every detail was just right across the website, and he made himself available when needed during the implementation phase.
Julien Demoor, CEO of Multiply

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